Review: Taylor James – Insane

Taylor James brings the good vibes with his latest release, Insane. Taylor finds a way to combine multiple styles on this record. Sounds from the world of hip-hop, Gospel, Pop, and R&B/Soul take residence on this ten trackĀ album.

I’m super into a lot of these tracks and it didn’t take long to fall hard for them. Rock (Throw Back Mix) is a standout. Really into the vocals from Cassandra Wilkerson on this. It’s a jam and has tons of replay value.

Taylor’s vocals take center stage on Make It Right. A song about making things right with the one you love. Subject matter that we can all relate to. Really a fan of Taylor’s voice on this track. It’s strong and full of soul. A great mixture that brings it all together.

I had fun listening to this. This genre doesn’t really have a steady home in my collection but I think with the few songs that jump out at me on this record, it will find it’s way into my collection for sure.

Listen to the full record below: