Review: Marty Thompson – Romantic Stories

Romantic Stories is the latest release from Marty Thompson. The record is a smorgasborg of sounds that range from classic rock, country and so much more. A fact you should know is that this record was written on a pink ukulele in the Alps. That’s a pretty unique skill.

Of course, the album wasn’t performed on a ukulele but Marty brings his full band to deliver a record that unfortunately didn’t click with me.

Though Marty takes a risk with the mixture of genres, just found myself not getting attached to most of the tracks.

A bright spot on the record I will talk about is Lamplight over Prague. The storytelling on this track is really vivid. Marty’s voice fits the pace of the track perfectly. Played this track a few times after my first playthrough.

I appreciate the mixture of sounds and the cool backstory on how this record came to be but it just didn’t grab me like I wanted it to.

Favorite Tracks: A Thud, Lamplight Over Prague.

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