Review: Maxwell James – Maxwell James EP

Originally from across the pond, Nashville resident Maxwell James brings us his Self-Titled EP that has a true American feel that you will fall in love with.

Roll Down Your Window Slowly brings the southern flair. It’s a jam from the start and will get you moving. The vocals channel a little Gavin Degraw and Jack White. A sweet mixture that will hit the ears just right.

The More You Say, The Less I Know showcases Maxwell’s finger picking talents on that acoustic guitar of his. Also with the addition of legendary sound of the steel guitar, Max brings a more refined southern feel with this track. My favorite off the EP.

The EP ends with the somber When It’s Real. The track starts off with the lyrics:

 “I don’t wanna be here no more but I can’t seem to walk out the door”.

Right off the bat, the song pulls you in. One of the better break up songs I’ve heard in a really long time.

Maxwell’s self-titled EP was a delight to hear. From the upbeat beginnings to the melancholic finale, there’s a lot to love here. Pure Americana.


Favorite Tracks: The More You Say, The Less I Know, When It’s Real

Least Favorite Tracks: Blatantly

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