Review: Ryan Hutchens – The Last Ten Years

Soulful Americana.

This is what I hear when I listen to South Carolina born singer-songwriter Ryan Hutchens on his new album The Last Ten Years. This release is a collection of honest lyrics and personal stories that have been building up over the years. Ryan’s dreamy vocals fill each and every track with tranquil beauty.

The Landing, an upbeat country inspired jam is a clear standout on the record. The steel guitar hooks me right from the start. It had me taping my feet as the song progressed. The chorus is so catchy. I can see this song being a hit during live shows.

Education is a strong track. It’s gorgeous and atmospheric. You can close your eyes and picture a beautiful sunny day, where everything is okay. It’s a perfect soundtrack for a perfect summer day.  It hits you right in the feels.

The title track, The Last Ten Years is a story of where he’s been and what he’s been feeling. It’s a picturesque tale set to a pretty melody.

If you are a fan of some good ol’ storytelling & stellar folk rock, The Last Ten Years is your go-to record.

Favorite Tracks: Education, The Landing

Least Favorite Tracks: Fake Flowers and the Weather

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