Review: The Time Is Now – Jay Clark Band

Dayton, Ohio’s own Jay Clark Band just released their latest record The Time Is Now. A collection of tracks inspired by southern roots and classic rock. It’s a banger of an album. Let’s jump in and talk about it.

The Time Is Now spans a short 29 minutes over 10 hard hitting tracks that include sing-along anthems that will get your blood boiling and your fist in the air.

Not Giving Up kicks off the record in a great way. A great message about not giving up on your dreams. Something I can totally get behind. The song represents what’s great about rock music.

Bring Down The House has a chorus that will get stuck in your head. A song that would get an entire arena singing along to. The solo kicks major ass. An anthem that will have you coming back for more.

Nothing Good in Life Ever Lasts is full of that southern flavor. A tune about a father’s advice to his son. Lyrics that will hit many after their first listen. This song will please the country fans out there who also dig pure rock.

The Jay Clark Band delivers in a big way with The Time Is Now. Check out the full album stream below.