Podcast: #NowPlaying 6-10-19, Philly Pod Fest Info!

We are back! It has been a while. We finally sat down to discuss why we haven’t been uploading any episodes lately, the podcast festival that got accepted to do,  and also give you what we have been listening to lately. STRAP IN!
Shawn’s List
Stephen Taranto – pixel heart: Verdant
Berried Alive – Downsy 
Chon – Petal
RX Bandits – …And the battle begun
Irepress – Dr. Fardh 
Glenn’s List
Unsainted – Slipknot
Call My Name – Harms Way
Broken Bird – Jack’s Mannequin
Big Mouth – Citizen
Isis – Joyner Lucas feat. Logic
Bonus: Puppe – Rammstein
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