Review: American Glory – Eddy Yang

We covered the talented Eddy Yang before and we could not wait to review his work again. This time, the Los Angeles native is back with his debut full-length, American Glory. An album that is full of great storytelling, songwriting and everything in between.

American Glory tells the story of hope and redemption mixed with the legendary sounds of rock and roll. It is also a coming-of-age story of Asian American identity. The songwriting is deep rooted with tons of themes.

The record clocks in at one hour and twelve minutes and there are plenty of standout tracks on this thing.

Right off the bat, I want to talk about Into The Night. I got some heavy Bruce Springsteen vibes from this track. The emotion, the storytelling, the amazing sax that is mixed in near the end of the track is just brilliant. It surprised me. It brought out emotion in me. I love this song so much.

Rock n Roll Legends is a great jam. An anthem of sorts. Eddy shares his thoughts on being something bigger in life. Not letting anyone hold him back. A song many can relate to.

Renegades is straight up rad. Love the punkish riffs mixed with the electronic drums. Love the flow Eddy brings with this track. He goes hard. The track is in your face and has so much attitude.

American Glory is a fantastic record and continues to shine a light on a very talented artist. Can’t wait to see what else Eddy has up his sleeve down the road.

Listen To American Glory below: