Review: Liars, Freaks & Fools – Ivan Beecroft

Retro grunge rocker, Ivan Beecroft is here with his new record Liars, Freaks & Fools. An album that sees Beecroft traveling back to his roots.

Beecroft wants to re-introduce the masses to a style of music that was popular in the 80s in Australia.

The music I am currently creating is…going back to my roots in rock and blues which is why I initially started playing in bands as I was interested in guitar rock from the 80’s and 90’s, it’s a very important transition from my earlier releases as it shows a more pub rock style that was typically around in Australia in the 80’s as I really want to turn people back onto this type of music.

Right off the bat, we are introduced to Inequality. The vocals on this track especially remind me of a bit of Layne Staley. I really like how the track flows and the intro riff hooks you right in. A great way to start the record off.

Deranged has that late 80s sound that Beecroft is going for. It’s a simple track where the vocals rule over everything else. What keeps me listening is the vocal performance, not the basic riff that is spread all over the track. It’s not a terrible song, but it’s not great.

Rock This Night Away is a party anthem that pulls inspiration from Rock & Roll All Nite by Kiss. You feel that right from the beginning of the track. It has that arena rock feel with the heavy guitar sound that sinks it’s teeth into the structure.

Liars, Freaks & Fools is a decent rock record that can be hit or miss with fans of the genre. Still, with that being said, I think it has a chance to surprise you.

Listen to Liars, Freaks & Fools below!