Music Video: Paint What You Think – Marty Thompson

Texas-based singer/songwriter Marty Thompson has just released his new EP My Kind A Women. To celebrate the release, Thompson put out a wacky but fun music video for the single Paint What You Think.

The music video was released ahead of the EP dropping this month and was directed by Trip Ross.

As for the EP. My Kind of Woman is an eclectic mix of sounds and genres that includes psych rock, post-punk, and so much more. Not to worry though. According to the artist, he still brings the Texas flair.

My Kind of Woman is a futuristic, original modern rock album with a powerful production – blending real instruments, synthesizers, experimental pads, and multi-layered vocals into a harmony of music.  Each song is written in a different key, and even a different scale, and used different sets of instrumentation.

Listen to the EP below!