Review: Pleasant Grove Hotel – Outerfield

From the farmlands of Indiana, indie rock act Outerfield are here with their latest effort entitled Pleasant Grove Hotel.

Outerfield brings us a very personal record that covers various deep topics that include childhood traumas and family disputes. It’s a project that almost didn’t happen according to the band:

The album is about the space it takes to put your life back together after everything has fallen apart. Not unlike the experience of making the record, which was shelved for four months and expected to never come out.

The record has a sort of nostalgic feel with their sound. I feel like I am listening to a solid alt-rock band from the 90s. Outerfield’s sound hooked me from the beginning with the track Wondering If You’re Real. The track is shared by an eclectic group of instruments that complement the angsty vocals of singer Matt Hutson.

The lead single is Dust. The opening seconds sucked me right in with the killer solo riff that continues throughout the song. The track’s lyrics hit hard about having no food for kids and someone gambling the only money the family has in the city. A deep song that people can relate to.

Throwing Your Life Away is another standout. Really enjoy Matt’s vocals on this one. The lyrics took me by surprise but something all too familiar for me. Being told your dreams will never come true was hard to hear from your family. Some push through that noise some give up. Looking back, I’m glad I pushed through.

Outerfield writes relatable lyrics with a classic sound that will have you hooked. Pleasant Grove Hotel is as real as it gets.