Review: Kevin Thomas Band – A New Heart

San Diego singer/songwriter Kevin Thomas brings us a fun and positive release with his new record A New Heart.

Kevin talks about how this record is the culmination of his own dramatic transformation:

“A New Heart” has been a concerted effort to take my music in a more positive direction. The album is not only the culmination of my own dramatic personal transformation, but also a response to the discordant echoes from our society. The angst driven rebellious music that was needed so much in decades past has served it’s noble purpose, a purpose I fully rejoiced in; but now what is needed is positivity, healing, joy, and love. This is what the world is calling for now, and this is what “A New Heart” is all about.” 

A New Heart spans over 10 tracks that clock in at 40 minutes. It features plenty of feel-good tracks with solid songwriting and great instrumentation.

One of my favorite tracks is Comfort Zone. I love the message being conveyed here. In life, it’s important that we take risks and take action. Getting out of our comfort zones is key to living a great life. It’s an upbeat jam and I love it.

Reinvent Yourself is a positive anthem that will have you singing on the top of your lungs. The infectious chorus will be stuck in your head for days. There’s a killer guitar solo on this track as well.

This record is the ultimate feel-good record with a great positive message. I think we can all relate. Listen to the full album below!