Review: Cobalt – Leon Seti

Italy born, London based electro-pop artist Leon Seti brings us Cobalt, a collection of electronic filled bliss and ecstasy.

Cobalt shot to number one on the iTunes Electronic Albums chart in his home country of Italy as it should. It’s a brilliant 40-minute record that gives us 10 tracks that give us plenty of vibes to work with.

Nothing vibes with me more than Silver Lining. Right from the beginning of the track, it grabs me.  Really love how Leon’s vocals blend with the melody. One of my favorite tracks on the record for sure. The music video is great.


Leon’s vocals really shine on Sunflower. Two words to describe his vocals on this would be powerful and beautiful. I was shouting stay forever with him.

Want to vibe out with some great electro-pop and stellar vocals? Make sure to listen to Cobalt by Leon Seti. I can’t wait to hear his evolution into the future.