Review: Catching Me In Stride – Voyce Memos

Texas rock/electronica act Voyce Memos are here with their new record Catching Me In Stride. The record successfully mixes equal amounts of rock and electronic elements and is worth the time to check out.

Voyce Memos discuss how a series of events lead them to the making of this record.

Sometimes a moment or series of events comes along in life that changes a lot of what you thought to be “true”, like the way things are supposed to be, or how you’re supposed to love, or where you’re supposed to work and live etc. Opening a music studio, learning how to produce, and deciding to create an album was the result of that moment, and the album title “Catching Me in Stride” was the attempt at catching that type of emotion, especially when it came to relationships.

Catching Me In Stride clocks in at 44 minutes and offers a collection of 13 tracks. Some that stand out more than others, to be honest, but that’s not a terrible thing.

The lead single off the record is called Division. Right from the beginning, the Nile Rodgers like riff catches me by surprise. I also love the synths that take over in some sections of the song.  Though it’s that riff that hits the sweet spot in the ears. I love how it makes an appearance a few times on the track.


Better Island is a groovy little jam that has someone whistling and you can’t help to whistle right back. It’s upbeat but chill at the same time. The song just offers great vibes in general.

Catching Me In Stride is a unique record that some may really dig or some may not. It’s full of good vibes and soundscapes that you should at least give a shot listening to. A record that is worth giving time for.