Review: This Beautiful Life Vol. 1 – CALVERT

NYC artist Calvert is here with his fun and powerful debut EP, This Beautiful Life Vol. 1. This EP is full of energetic and cinematic pieces of pop music you won’t find anywhere else.

Calvert talks about how this EP is a culmination of years of hard work and getting to this point to share his music with the masses:

A true labor of love. A lifelong goal finally achieved. I’m extremely proud of my debut EP and I hope it makes you feel.

There are two tracks I want to highlight from this release. The first is the opening song called Please With A Cherry. This song has everything you want from an elite pop hit. It has everything. It’s full of charisma, great and catchy lyrics, and a hook that will have you singing nonstop. The music video is a fun watch. Check it out below!

The other highlight from this EP is the title track. This Beautiful is a power, cinematic track that will leave you speechless. Calvert’s voice is incredible and the lyrics are just as powerful as the production of the track. This is hands down my favorite track off the EP.

Be sure to listen to Calvert’s debut EP below.