Review: Dream Journal – Badari

Hip-hop artist Badari first broke on to the scene with this debut mixtape/demo that caught the eye of the likes of RZA and Lil Wayne. Years later, Badari is back with a new collection of songs with the Dream Journal EP.

Badari described Dream Journal as a recollection of his dreams:

“Dream Journal is an adventure through my dreams as told by me. Its like anyone’s dream diary, always an interesting artistic experience.”

First I have to say the production on this EP is stellar. The beats have my head bobbing with each and every track.

My favorite track has to be Ocean. The lyrics cut deep like a knife. Badari’s flow is also solid. Another favorite track is The Day Before Tomorrow. The beat on this is slick and is the best beat on the EP.

When A Tree Falls, Badari goes in hard. His flow on this track is wild. This track delivers on so many levels.

I can see why Badari caught the eye of big names in the game today. There is something here and I can wait to see where Badari goes next. Dream Journal is a great addition to your hip-hop collection. I promise you won’t regret it.