Single: Don’t Break What You Cannot Fix – Y. Dan Rubinstein

Bay Area singer/songwriter Y. Dan Rubinstein has a new meaningful and deep single out for your listening pleasure. Don’t Break What You Cannot Fix is the first single off of his upcoming debut album Stolen Moments which is out this summer.

The track mixes sounds of jazz guitars and a pinch of Latin rhythm progression that hits your sweet spot just right.

The lyrical content is deep and inspired by the country’s current political/social climate and what that would hold for the future. This is what he had to say:

It seems like there is a constant stream of examples where actions are being taken before they are fully thought through to try and address issues and instead of fixing them, making them much worse.

The lyrics were intentionally written to be interpreted to be between two lovers, one who is a narcissist bent on destruction. The other is attracted to the display of strength but ultimately when you break what you can not fix, everyone suffers.

Listen to the single below!