Single: Take On Me – Krigarè

Wonderful timing for covering this single for our site. While we are in the middle of our 80s March Madness tournament, we are about to dive deep into Nashville artist Krigarè and her cover for Ah-Ha’s mega-hit Take On Me.

A lot of covers are pure and straight forward. Not this one. Krigarè takes the catchy pop hit we all know and love and makes it her own. She totally knocks it out of the park. It’s a powerful take and the production is amazing. Her voice there at the end with the track becomes epic fills me with so much joy. It’s beautiful and quite cinematic.

I wish more artists would take chances when it comes to covers. Krigarè not only takes a risk but truly makes Take On Me her own. She nailed it.

You can listen to her cover of Take On Me below: