Review: Spark – Todd Warner Moore

Americana is always the soundtrack to the greatest stories ever told. Stories that are filled with every emotion imaginable. Todd Warner Moore brings us his most thoughtful gift. I’m talking about his latest full-length effort, Spark.

Todd Warner Moore is a Kansas City, Kansas born singer/songwriter who brings us his sophomore record that he says he’s always wanted to make. And it really shows. Well crafted melodies and beautiful lyrics that make a cohesive record that is easy to listen to and that you can come back to more than once.

The record starts off with the title track Spark. I love the backing vocals on this as well. Leah Hart’s voice fits well behind Todd’s.

Drift Awake has some flair with the beautiful melancholic sounds of violins. It’s my favorite track off the record.

Well, crafted Americana is what you get with Spark. And boy it doesn’t disappoint.