Review: CarnyMusic – CarnyMusic EP

CarnyMusic is the solo project of Mike Carnahan, the lead singer of the San Fransico western-psych band The Green Door. Carnahan is here with his four-track self titled EP and it’s a gritty piece of Americana that you can’t ignore.

Mike describes the ep as an intimate sonic space filled mostly with reverbed vocals and acoustic guitar. 

We get right into being washed over with all the feels with Riptide. A boot taping beat filled with acoustic guitars and a tambourine hits the ears just right. The lyrics are deep and capture a hurting heart perfectly.

Beetle In The Sand, a track about shedding your skin and finding yourself. I really love the storytelling and the addition of the haunting accordion. A great follow up to the first track.

For fans of good Americana, the CarnyMusic EP is worthy for your daily rotation.

Listen to the EP below: