Review: Acidic Base – Purple Skies

Acidic Base is the brainchild of 12 years old (yes 12 years old) Chicago native Siddharth Goswami. Currently, in 8th grade, Purple Skies is his latest release and it’s pure electronic bliss.

Automatically, I have to talk about my favorite track off the record. Chernobyl has some killer synth leads and hard hitting drums. I love the mix to this as well. It’s an eclectic sounding track. Plenty of movement between tempos.

Blurred is also fantastic. It’s a banger and could be a great addition to any club DJ’s rotation.  Is it weird that I have a light show already mapped out in my head to this song? I’m not even a light engineer.

Also have to mention, Omnidirectional Hyperjet. More sick synth leads that have me want to get on a dance floor and dance the night away. Kinda reminds me of the synths in Don’t Stop The Dance (Todd Terje Mix). I love it so much!

I hope Siddharth keeps with it. He is super talented and this record spotlights his talent for sure. It’s only going to get better as he grows.