Review: U.N. Article 14 – American High

Californian Punk/Alternative Rock act American High is here with their new record called “U.N. Article 14”.

American High brings a catchy sound that is matched up with lyrics about serious issues going on in the country today. The album is named after the United Nations article that speaks of a right to seek a safe place to live, political asylum. A topic that is very relevant to today’s world and specifically to this country.

A stand out on the record is Cheye Calvo, a powerful punk rock number that tells us the story that will leave you in anger.

Don’t let the upbeat, anthem-like guitar work, and ska-influenced cords when the verse hits, fool you. Doug Terry, the man behind American High tells us a story of Cheye Calvo who returned to his home to witness something he and his family will never forget. The tale of how the militarization of our local police forces with no search warrants can abuse their power and can happen under our nose at any time.

The title track U.N Article 14 is another powerful track that paints a story about an immigrant family going through thick and thin to cross the border to a better life. Another power punk track to get behind. It delivers an amazing message.

With powerful storytelling mixed with the magic of power cords, American High deliver the goods.

Listen to U.N. Article 14 below: