Review: Heather Gruber – Dance Into The Desert

Dance Into The Desert is a look into Tennessee born singer-songwriter Heather Gruber’s leap of faith into starting a new life in Los Angeles. A subject that I know very well. It’s such a huge step to follow your dreams and move to a city that is full of would-be dreamers and electrocutes you with a major culture shock.

One of my favorite tracks is Stepped Outside. A track that perfectly sums up taking the action of making your dreams and goals a reality. You can feel her happiness within her vocals and lyrics. It’s true and pure.

Lost My Halo is another track that cuts deep. It gets lonely in the city of angels. It’s overwhelming at first and can easily suffocate you. This track perfectly tells that story. A big fan of her pretty vocals on this one.

I am a huge fan of the ukulele. It radiates positive vibes. I absolutely love how it shows up on the album.

The story on this record is vivid and real. It’s honest and beautiful.