Review: Illustrious – Solaya Love

Canadian pop/EDM vocalist Solaya Love is about to release her new album Illustrious on November 29th. The record features eleven electronic filled melodies and catchy tracks that will have you singing and dancing where ever you go.

The album kicks off with a catchy hook and memorable vocals with the track Let It Go. Solaya’s vocals really shine all over the album but I do think the shine the best right off the bat here with this track.

Pushing The Air is another stand out on the record. Remember what I said above about singing and dancing where ever you go? Yeah, this track had me dancing in my seat. I love the unique sounds this track delivers. Love the erratic synths on this one.

Solaya’s vocal stylings on Sexy Silk are amazing. I love how powerful they get in this one. This should be the next single. It’s addicting.

Illustrious drops on November 29th.