Review: Into the Light – Crooked Flower

Berkeley-based Crooked Flower is here with their latest record Into the Light. It was released on October 15th of this year, just in time for legalization in Canada, wink wink.

I love Angelina Dang’s vocals across the board on this record. Her voice is sexy and chill. It definitely fits with the theme of this record. The production is simple. Nothing fancy about this record at all, but that isn’t a bad thing.

Own World, the last track on the album is a favorite of mine is a jam. I love the echo effect of Angelina’s voice. The track is mesmerizing and a perfect way to end the record.

10 Million is funky and is influenced by the amazing sounds of reggae. Add this track to your spark up playlist. You’ll be feeling it in no time.

Though I wasn’t really brought in by their lyrics, I still have fun listening to this record. It’s definitely worth your time.

You can listen to the record here: