Review: Patrick Grant – FIELDS AMAZE and other sTRANGE music

It’s no secret that here at Songs For The Moment, we are fans of all genres of music. We tend to go through various outlets to find brand new music every week. When you come across something as strange and different like Patrick Grant’s latest release, you have to stop and take it in one track at a time.

FIELDS AMAZE and other sTRANGE music is a collection of nine tracks that mixes all sorts of sounds, beats, and melodies. This is truly one of the most diverse sounding records we’ve ever come across here. Each track can be a piece of music that could be used for a movie.

One of my favorite tracks is Fields Amaze. The chaotic sounds of the piano throughout leave you uneasy. It’s a perfect storm of sounds. Perfect for an opening credits sequence.

I love the Imaginary Horror Film tracks. It’s October and it’s the month everyone is entitled to one good scare. Both Part One and Two are perfect for the wild world of b-rated horror films. Wacky, fun, and spooky.

This was fun and if love embracing the strange, this record is for you.

Listen to the full album below: