Review: Global Heist Recordings – Pulse Premonition Compilation 2018

New Jersey is a state that you often hear when it comes to being the birthplace to incredible musicians. Today we have an indie EDM/Dance label and a little taste of what their roster of artists have to offer.

Global Heist Recordings was founded by Tom O’Keefe and Michael Baker. Their label offers a diverse collection of EDM artists that are featured on this compilation known as Pulse Premonition 2018.

Now I’m not a huge EDM fan but I did find some fun tracks on this compilation worth talking about. One track featuring lyrics that remind of Daft Punk’s Technologic. Lost Lenox, LÄZRO, and Susie Luna Green’s DNA is a banger. I found myself playing this during my workout routine quite often.

Another LÄZARO track, Out of the Blue features Jordy Benattar. I like her voice but something is off with the lyrics and delivery. I do like the production on the track. It’s a decent jam.

The Lost Lenox Mix of Take Me Home reminds me of fun summertime club trips. The track’s production is stellar. Hands down the best track on the compilation.

Listen to the record in full here: