Review: Jared Weiss – Isolated Thunderstroms

I’m a sucker for killer storytellers in music. It’s what I listen to the most. Sometimes people can paint a vivid picture with lyrics and match it up with great melodies and catchy chords. Jared Weiss does this with his recent release Isolated Thunderstorms.

Jared’s lyrics are well crafted and fit well with an eclectic collection of sounds. Each track offers up something different musically and that is something you don’t often get.

Darling, Reni is haunted by the soul of Bob Dylan and that is okay by me. The acoustic guitar and harmonica do something to me that I can’t describe with words but only smiles. This is definitely one of my favorite tracks on the record.

Almost All of Me was another shining example of great storytelling. After my first listen, I felt Ben Folds vibes. Loved every second of the song.

Julia is a jam. The track is filled with country inspired twang with the guitars. Usually, it’s something that turns me off, but I don’t mind it. Found myself singing along to this after a few listens.

Really looking forward to hearing more from Jared. Isolated Thunderstorms was a pleasure to listen to.

Listen to the full album below: