Single Review: Limbo – Scott Chasolen

Jersey born artist Scott Chasolen weaves a tale about a relationship in purgatory with his latest single Limbo.

This track has a lot of heart in it from the opening strum of the guitar. Scott talks about writing this while his marriage was going through some tough times.

“This song is a true story about the purgatory between togetherness and divorce. I wrote it while my marriage was hanging in thin air, unsure what direction it would go.”

The lyrics hit home as they are very relatable. We’ve all had those moments in a relationship where we don’t know how it’s going to go. I know I did the last year and a half. So during the first listen, I sat nodding my head not just to the music but the lyrical content. I feel what Scott is singing.

I’m digging the little piano solo there near the end of the track. The Piano and the acoustic guitar are a perfect match. I love when artists choose those two in their music.

Looking forward to more from Scott because after hearing this single, we are fans.

You can listen to the track below:

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