Review: Sunshine EP – Synthonic

Sweet electronic sounds meet the smoothness of jazz and the groovy sounds of funk with Synthonic’s five-track EP, Sunshine.

Such an eclectic mix of sounds and styles that will catch you off guard at first but as the record progresses, you’ll find yourself wanting to get up from your seat and boogie.

Let’s start with my favorite track from the record, Groove Report. Wow, I was hooked from the start. I love this song with all my heart. Smooth jazz mixed with mesmerizing synths. It’s just a feel good track. Can’t beat it.

Come On, Get Up! is the next track that stands out. A groovy track. More sounds that make you want to get to the club and dance the night away.

If you like a good mix of genres but done in a way that is fresh and unique, listen to the album below NOW!

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