Steve Allen Gordon’s new MUST HAVE book for all Guitarists!

Musician and author Steven Allen Gordon just released his new book, Guitar Scales in Three Octaves in All Keys: The New, Logical Path for Scale and Fretboard Knowledge. Branded for all skill levels, here is the synopsis for the book:

The fingerings in this book set the ground work for many of the scales that are used when playing classical, rock, jazz, folk and blues guitar. Electric guitarists who have guitars with 21, 22 and 24 frets will find that all the notes on their guitars are written out. Also included are versions of scales specifically for classical guitarists and other acoustic guitarists who have guitars with 19 or 20 frets. These scales are labeled “Classical and Acoustic Guitar Version.” After going through this book one or two times the user will quickly realize that he or she only needs to learn a few sets of fingerings to play thirty-six scales: all twelve major, twelve melodic minor and twelve harmonic minor scales in three octaves.

The book is available in paperback via Amazon and you can purchase it here.

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