Review: Liar For A Muse – Ben Delaurentis

Virginia native Ben Delaurentis brings soul and storytelling to our ears with his solo debut, Liar For A Muse. 

Let’s get this out of the way. I know it’s taboo to talk about personal things in your life but I have to in relation to the third track on the record. I went through a really tough break up and One Woman Man made me cry loudly. I’m not ashamed as this song is really beautiful. The lyrics really got to me. It made me miss being with someone you truly love.

Fill The Blanks is full of soul. It’s a jam. Love the steel guitar echoing in the background. The other guitar work gives this track it’s life.

The storytelling on Not A Doubt is superb. You can picture every line of the song as it was a movie playing out right in front of you. That guitar solo was a great addition to a great track.

When you go solo, your first record sets the tempo going forward. Liar For A Muse is a killer opening stanza for Ben Delaurentis. I think he will be just fine moving forward.

Favorite Track: One Woman Man

Least Favorite Track: Mine All Mine

Listen To Liar For A Muse: Soundcloud

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