Review: In the Light of Led Zeppelin – Pompeii Sessions

In the Light of Led Zeppelin promised a new experience with their tribute to the legendary Led Zeppelin. And let me tell you, it’s a unique experience that will have you skipping other tributes to Zep.

From start to finish, this album full of well known Zeppelin tracks will give your ears a healthy dose of satisfaction. It’s different in many ways. With many tributes, you get the same old story. With this collection of musicians, you get something grand. The instrumentation on the record is eclectic.

The cover of Kashmir is my favorite cover on the album. I am biased because it’s one of my favorite Zeppelin tracks, but they do a killer job.

Scott Board’s vocals are great and are really showcased in Ramble On. I love the violin in this too. The addition of these sounds gives the track a boost and a reason to stand out from all the rest.

I hope these guys do another record of Zeppelin covers. Would love to hear their take on Stairway and Immigrant Song.

Sometimes you gotta take a risk and for these musicians, it paid off.

Favorite Tracks: Kashmir, Ramble On, The Rain Song

Least Favorite Tracks: Friends

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