Review: Dear Absentee Creator – Astral Cloud Ashes

The emo & pop punk scene is alive and well. For a lot of people that might come as a surprise but there are plenty of good bands out there to check out. Astral Cloud Ashes are one of those acts. The one-man band from the Channel Islands is here with a new release called Dear Absentee Creator.

The record is inspired by the rise of bitcoin and Japanese culture. Unique topics that Antony Walker blends with familiar emo and pop-punk riffs that remind me of the likes of Modern Baseball.

Antony’s vocals in tracks like Dallas Knows the Reason are strong. Especially by the end of the track where he channels Tom Delonge of Angels and Airwaves & Blink 182 fame. I love how heavy the track gets there at the end.

Gush is another standout on the album. I love the lyrics on this track:

“You were like the weight of all the ocean.”

Those words hit me the hardest. I can tell the contents of the lyrics have a deep story infused within each and every word.

This record as a whole hits the spot as the genre this falls into is what I currently listen to the most. This record should be included in your collection if you are a long time, die-hard fan of the genre. An act that continues to fly the flag of the scene we love the most.

Favorite Tracks: Dallas Knows the Reason, Gush, News Anchor breaks rank

Least Favorite Tracks: Kimobetsu Love

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