Review: Campfire Party – Justin Shapiro

Maryland native Justin Shapiro brings the jams with his new record Campfire Party. This album is a collection of new songs, old songs and everything in between.

Campfire Party is an 11 track journey through the mind of the artist. Blending his love for many of his favorite genres, Justin brings us an album that is the very definition of the word Jam.

The message of Inspiration Nation is plain and simple as Justin sings with his raw and raspy voice in the chorus:

We all need a little inspiration

In the world we live in today, this message is something we should be all listening to. The overall theme on this record seems to be about spreading positivity. Something I can get behind one hundred percent!

From the opening track, Lost in Time, Justin had me rocking out in my office. The song reminds me of the likes of OAR. I can tell Justin takes influence from them. Not a bad band to be inspired by.

The title track, Campfire Party is an uplifting love song dancing and singing by the campfire and having a good time. Love the solo in this one. Again, I’ll use the word jam. This song is such a jam even though it’s a slower tempo track. It makes me miss being a part of a good romance.

Favorite Tracks: Campfire Party, Brighter Days, Inspiration Nation

Least Favorite Tracks: If You Wanna Wake Up!

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