Review: Strange Culprits – Strange Culprits

Strange Culprits, a three-piece from the Bay Area in California bring you their debut self-titled album that has a mix of elements that when it all comes together, we give you something soulful and grand.

The band brings it with the instrumentation. Especially the final track on the record Concrete in the Rain. The track incorporates some epic strings which start at the beginning and accompanies the track to the end. Give’s the song another layer to make it sound bigger. They took a risk there and nailed it.

Jason Buckingham’s vocals are rugged and soulful. He’s the bow that ties the sound the band is going for all together. It’s different and makes each track sound bigger. Grand is the word I would use.

When You’re Away is my favorite track off the album. It’s such a body moving kind of song. If I saw these guys live, they would definitely have me moving. A solid jam that helps the album kick off in the right direction.

And one final little tidbit. The guitar solo on Mija gives me life.

A solid debut record for an upcoming band that we will be keeping our eye out for in the future.

Favorite Tracks: When You’re Away, Concrete in the Rain, Fleeting Moments, Mija

Least Favorite Tracks: Bless the Harlot

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