Review: Middle Voice – Kate Fenner

NYC singer/songwriter Kate Fenner delivers a deep look into her soul with her latest album Middle Voice. A snapshot of many feelings like love, illness, and death.

Kate’s voice is beautiful and soulful. The way she sings with such conviction is something that is missing from today’s music. You believe every word she sings on each and every track. Very strong even for what she’s been through.

The production on the track The Yield, my favorite song of the record is gorgeous. The French horn was a brilliant touch. The song is filled with amazing sounds that also includes lyrics that will cut you at your core.

Kate’s cover of Bob Dylan’s You’re a Big Girl Now is top notch. I can say this with one hundred percent certainty that this is up there with my favorite covers. She knocked it out of the park. I think Bob would dig it if he heard it.

This album has made me a fan of Kate Fenner. Her lyricism, her vocals, and the production of the album is just a breath of fresh air. Looking forward to diving into the rest of her discography.

Favorite Tracks: The Yield, You’re a Big Girl Now, Fatal Fire

Least Favorite Tracks: Two Minds

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