Review: Pale Blue Dot – Anatomy

The best musicians from Charlottesville, Virginia collectively known as Pale Blue Dot bring us their latest release Anatomy by the way of Rockfish Music.

Pale Blue Dot’s frontman delivers a powerful performance on the opening track, I Know.  Tony LaRocco‘s vocals on the chorus send chills through my body. It’s a song that could be a hit on the radio nationally. Feels like an old school alternative rock track in the same vein as the Foo Fighters or Pearl Jam.

Only Love features some guest vocals and is a powerful song in itself. I love the addition of the horn thrown in the track as well. It lends a helping hand to an already sweet song. The message is clear. Positive lyrics for tough times.

A lot of the lyrics written on the record steam from the violence that surrounded the Charlottesville community. Tracks like Stained Glass Window asks the question: who let the crazies in? Others like Yesterday’s News discuss the protests and riots from the aftermath of the Church shooting in 2015.

There’s a lot of hit or miss for me on this album. All is not lost though as for the most part, Anatomy an intriguing listen.

Favorite Tracks: I Know, Stained Glass Window, Only Love

Least Favorite Tracks: Dust and Light

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