Review: The Blue Collar Army – Norrland

The masked men from the cold northern lands of Sweden collectively known as The Blue Collar Army call for an uproar against abuse and oppression with their latest release, Norrland.

I was really excited to jump into this. From their unique look to the sounds produced on this record, it hit the taste buds just right. You can almost feel the cold, frozen lands of Sweden in each and every track.

The vocals remind me of the likes of Burzum’s infamous frontman, Varg Vikernes. Raw, full of pain, full of kvlt. They fit over the ambient melodies perfectly.


One of my favorite tracks off the record is This is KVAD. The song’s production is disjointed but fits the overall theme and tone of the record. Clean vocals mixed in with the terrifying growls are a perfect mixture.

AC is also another stand out on the record. This is pure ambient black/doom metal at it’s finest. The perfect soundtrack to your walks in the snow-filled Scandinavian forests.

If you like your metal cold and raw, check out The Blue Collar Army’s Norrland.

Favorite Tracks: AC, We will burn your cities to the ground, BD, This is KVAD

Least Favorite Tracks: End

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