Review: Gideon King & City Blog – Fake it on Facebook

New York City’s own Gideon King & City Blog brings us the eccentric single Fake It on Facebook off their upcoming album Upscale Madhouse which drops on August 10th.

Can I say something right at the top here? This is the most unique track I’ve heard in a while. The feel of this song embodies New York City living to a tee. The mixture of sounds and influences can be heard all over this four minute and ten-second breath of fresh air. It’s the most refreshing track you’ll hear all year.

You can hear so much. A little bit of John Mayer mixed in with some Stevie Wonder and so much more.

The vocals are gorgeous and the harmonies hit you right in the feels. The guitar and keyboard solo near the end is a perfect way to close this track out.

Fake It on Facebook is an eclectic work of art and proves that Upscale Madhouse should be on your list of upcoming albums to check out.

NOTE: We will be reviewing Upscale Madhouse closer to the release! Be sure to check back soon.

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