Review: Mark Peters – Spirits

It’s rare to find an artist that makes you feel like you’ve been blasted back to an era of music that had a huge impact in your life. That’s what London’s Mark Peters does with his debut EP, Spirits.

So let me elaborate on what I said above. This album gives me 90s alternative rock vibes. Songs like You Go Low and Move Me hit me right in those nostalgic feels.

I love the guitar work on 24 Years. Very folky. Songs like this make me appreciate the acoustic guitar so much. This track is such a jam and the chorus will take over your brain. A catchy tune that has a ton of replay value.

The title track Spirits closes out the EP and is another highlight of mine. I can feel the Radiohead influence in this one. A powerful end.

Mark’s talented songwriting and guitar work really show in his debut EP.

Favorite Tracks: You Go Low, 24 Years, Move Me

Least Favorite Tracks: Memories

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