Review: Sam Levin – I Am

16-year-old New York native Sam Levin is back with his 2nd record, I Am. A picturesque album of stories about growing up and living. Many wondered how Sam would follow up his popular debut but he does more than a fine job with his sophomore release.

The intro track is a perfect way to begin the album. Introductions sometimes are tacky but I love the spoken words Sam delivers. Painting the picture of what the album is going to be about. Not just an album with words and music but an album with a strong story.

Sam’s soothing voice fits the folky and dreamy guitars on tracks like Carbon, and With Love and Compassion. 

First World Problems is a fun, upbeat track with a lot of indie spirit. Sam captures the thoughts and complaints of today’s generation. A message of how you can’t complain when things aren’t that bad at all. I do wish there were more upbeat numbers like this. It’s a nice break from the overall sound of the album, but it’s really just a nitpick.

Common Sense is my favorite track as it hits the ears just right. Love the electronic influence of the keys and drums. Very poppy but a pop song you can jam to and not hate after a few listens.

Sam Levin has a bright future ahead. As he matures, his writing will only get better. For 16, he’s almost there.

Favorite Tracks: Common Sense, First World Problems

Least Favorite Tracks: Sessions

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