Review: Healing Spells – Sanctuary

Tokyo’s own Healing Spells gives us a gorgeous mix of world and electronic music with his new release, Sanctuary. According to his own words,  “Sanctuary is all about exploring”. I can feel that with every beat, every melody. This could as the perfect soundtrack for a montage of someone traveling around the world. Experiencing life. Pure wanderlust.

“Sanctuary is all about exploring” – Healing Spells

From the very first note, I feel like I’ve been taken away to somewhere I’ve never been. Maybe somewhere in a distant land. A journey I didn’t ask for but one that makes me feel alive.

The title track Sanctuary is the perfect example of how I feel. I can hear the far east influences sprinkled with a smooth beat. I can say the ending is disjointed with the sequence of drums. Seems really random and took me out of what was a great track to start.

Half Animal is chaotic yet impressive. I could picture myself walking through an alien city. Nothing around me is normal but it feels right. When music can paint vivid pictures in your mind, you know you are listening to something special.

Infinity Pound is pretty as hell with the vocals hitting the soul. It’s definitely my favorite track on the record.

Open your mind and let Healing Spells take you on a journey. Some will love it, some will dislike it but embrace it and find out for yourself.

Favorite Tracks: Half Animal, Infinity Pound

Least Favorite Tracks: Sanctuary

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