Review: N.ave – Black Magic EP

It’s refreshing to review an artist that doesn’t buy into the current trend of the hip-hop/rap genre. N.ave doesn’t settle for mumbling over beats or being lyrically lazy. He’s the real deal and it shows on this EP.

N.ave is a Philly rapper that delivers the goods on Black Magic, a four track EP that is authentic, passionate, and refreshing. As the banger of a track “Dosumdiffrint” says, he’s doing something different than anybody else in the scene now.

The title track, “Black Magic” is my favorite off the EP. The message of this track gives me life. I love the beat, has me nodding my head from the opening seconds of the song. It’s an anthem that will have you motivated to get off your ass and do something big.

If you are sick and tired of how the genre sounds now, you’ll enjoy this record. The future is bright for N.ave.

Favorite Tracks: Black Magic, Dosumdiffrint

Least Favorite Tracks: Gravity

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