Review: Halfwait – “The Official”

Halfwait is an Australian rock trio that consists of Jon Barca, Chris Tallon, and Nick Sero. Their debut full length The Official is jam-packed with 11 eclectic tracks that have a little bit of everything to offer fans when they sit down to listen. You can hear each of their major influences as you travel down the path they point you towards.

A few of my favorite tracks kick off the record and it reminded me of the time I discovered punk rock in 7th grade. “Leave” is a perfect example of this. The track sounds like it could be an addition to an Epitaph Records Punk O Rama compilation. I promise you that is a good thing.

Another stand out on the record is “Who Are You”. I found myself singing the chorus after a few listens. It’s definitely an anthem that will get stuck in your head.

This record will remind you of the great bands that came out of the 90s and early 2000s. Halfwait not only knocks it out of the park with The Official, they also gained a new fan.

Favorite Tracks: Who Are You, Leave, Make it on Your Own, Leave

Least Favorite Tracks: Now and the After

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