Track of the Day: “Crossing a Line” by Mike Shinoda

Mike Shinoda is back with some new music today. Are you excited like we are? You should be. Shinoda released two new tracks but we are only going to cover one of those today. Crossing a Line is the new single that will be appearing on Shinoda’s solo album Post Traumatic dropping on June 15th.

My highlight on this song is the hook:

They’ll tell you I don’t care anymore
And I hope you’ll know that’s a lie
Cause I’ve found what I have been waiting for
But to get there means crossing a line

I feel those so much with a lot of what’s going on with my life. I’ll be belting these lyrics out every day for the next few months.

I’m very much looking forward to Post Traumatic.

June 15th needs to be here NOW!

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