The Weekly Mixx #3: Hopelantic Means Love

I always thought music was cinematic. A band that helped me get to that point was Icelandic’s very own Sigur Ros. This band rocks my world and when I first heard them it was when I was searching for epic to be the soundtrack to my first short film. Still to this day, I play a song or two from Sigur Ros almost every day. These are my top five favorite tracks in no particular order.

“Samskeyti” off of Hvarf/Heim

Like I stated above, one evening after filming my first short film “Home”, I discovered Sigur Ros. The song I decided to go with though was this one. The version of this track is from their live album. The piano is so beautiful. Some this song will put you the sleep, not because it’s boring but it’s just beautiful and soothing.


“Ára bátur” off of Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust

This might be if not the most beautiful song ever written. There isn’t much that I can say. I’ll let the song speak for itself. I’ll leave you with this, it made my cry the first time I heard it.


“Ágætis Byrjun” off of Hvarf/Heim

This is a feel good song. It’s so chill. This is my favorite track off of their live album. It’s performed in this little room somewhere in Iceland. There is a DVD called Heima that has them performing the song. It’s gorgeous.


“Starálfur” off of Ágætis Byrjun

This was the song introduced me to Sigur Ros. The strings in this are inspiring. I really wanted to use this song for my short but the one I talk about above made more sense. Maybe one day I can use this masterpiece. The epicness that hits near the track makes my heart happy.


“Olsen Olsen” off of Ágætis Byrjun

The other half of this song rules. It’s a happy melody that delivers hope. Makes you want to march around the house with the biggest smile on your face. This is my favorite song off of this album. I also knew two guys with the last name Olsen.