The Weekly Mixx #2: Further To Dashboard

In high school, I made tons of friends who were into the same music as I was. We would pass around CD’s all the time with all sorts of music from bands I still listen to till this day. One band was Further Seems Forever. Always a fun band to listen to, but this edition is about the band that came out of Further. That band is called Dashboard Confessional. The first time I heard Screaming Infidelities I knew I would love this band forever. Here are five Dashboard Confessional tracks I love with my emo filled heart.

“Hands Down” off A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar

So this is a more obvious track from the catalog but it has a special place in my heart. Back in high school, we had our first party that involved alcohol at my friend’s house. He had a garage that he turned into his own little apartment so he would be able to stay up late and do what he wanted. We had a few people over to drink and play music. It was a good time. Mid way through the party, we put some dashboard on and this song came on. On the top of our lungs around midnight, we began to sing Hands Down. It was one of the best times I’ve ever had at a gathering.

My hopes are so high, That your kiss might kill me.


“The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most” off of The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most

This song also has a funny story attached to it. I’ve always had a thing for women who played in bands. Most likely why I have such a crush on women like Maria Brink & Angela Gossow. So there was this girl who was in this hardcore band back where I grew up in New Jersey. She was an amazing bass player and she contacted me on MySpace. We ended up talking and hanging out at a local Starbucks. I guess we enjoyed each other’s company that we ended up at her place. We talked some more but she ended up playing me a few songs. One of them was this amazing Dashboard song. I was melting in my seat. I should have kissed her, but at that point in my life, I was a shy bastard.

And the grave that you refuse to leave…The refuge that you’ve built to flee…The places you have come to fear the most


“Remember To Breathe” off of So Impossible EP

Remember To Breathe is a Dashboard track I try to tell everyone who discovers them to check out before they listen to anything else. It’s a beautiful track about getting ready for a date. We’ve all been there. The nerves get us and I really believe that Chris Carrabba captured that feeling in this track.

Remember she asked you…Remember to breathe…And everything will be okay


“So Long, So Long” off of Dusk And Summer

When two of my favorite bands collide. Adam Duritz of The Counting Crows joins Chris Carrabba on this one. The Counting Crows have a special place in my heart and to be able to have a song with both of these guys on the track made me so happy. Funny thing was, that I was oblivious to it until I heard it the first song. Didn’t know the collaboration was actually happening. This might be my favorite Dashboard song.

And I drive this ocean road and remember The small of your back, nape of your neck
I remember everything as I drive Waving this town, goodbye


“Thick as Thieves” off of The Shade of Poison Trees

Dashboard held a music video contest for this track. Whoever had the best submission, the band would use it as it’s official music video. I had a concept for this but never got around to film it due to being severely ill. The video that ended up winning was cool and was totally a better concept than mine. Anyways, this song is a jam.

Just keep your mouth shut…Keep your guard up…I swear I’ll make it right